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about ƒractally

Who are we?

We are freedom engineers coding open-source blockchain solutions in the pursuit of life, liberty, property, and justice for all. We code the change we want to see in the world, which is why we created ƒractally. 

What is ƒractally?

ƒractally produces the tools autonomous communities need to thrive. These tools empower communities to create and distribute value that was previously unobtainable. Markets fail to sufficiently recognize those who produce public goods such as music, art, science, independent journalism, charity, and open source software. For example, there is often more profit in treating sickness than curing it. To solve this problem, ƒractally taps the wisdom of the crowds to build consensus on how to better recognize everyone’s contribution to the community. 

How ƒractally works

To accomplish this, we combine a decentralized exchange with a social media network on a high-performance smart contract platform using the most advanced decentralized fractal governance process on the market.

We believe the future is ƒractal.

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